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    THE MAN-WOLF by Émile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian - FULL AudioBook | GreatestAudioBooks - Werewolf Fiction - "The Man-Wolf" is a 38,000 word novella that appears in the English language collection of short stories entitled, The Man-Wolf and Other Tales.

    The other tales in that collection were not recorded for this project.

    The Man-Wolf is a gothic tale of lycanthropy authored by the French writing duo of Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian.

    Obviously this is an early version of the popular werewolf narrative, but it certainly is not the first.

    In fact, the lycanthropy mythology go back at least as far as the first century A.


    Listen and compare what you know of the modern-day werewolf story with what Erckmann and Chatrian imagined.

    - Summary by James K.



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    Chapter listing and length:

    00 Preliminary Note by the Translator - 00:08:03
    01 Chapter I - 00:20:29
    02 Chapter II - 00:26:01
    03 Chapter III - 00:20:33
    04 Chapter IV - 00:21:41
    05 Chapter V - 00:11:07
    06 Chapter VI - 00:11:19
    07 Chapter VII - 00:15:53
    08 Chapter VIII - 00:16:44
    09 Chapter IX - 00:19:41
    10 Chapter X - 00:21:26
    11 Chapter XI - 00:15:47
    12 Chapter XII - 00:29:35
    13 Chapter XIII - 1:12

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